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ii     2018-2019 Catalog—GLENDALE COMMUNITY COLLEGE

                               GLENDALE COMMUNITY COLLEGE

          Welcome to Glendale Community College and thank you for choosing us as you pursue your academic,
          career and personal goals. For over 90 years, student success has been our priority and academic excellence
          has been our hallmark.

          Glendale Community College, through its various programs and courses, is truly one of the premier
          institutions in the state of California. Our commitment to our students is evidenced as you interact with
          our dedicated faculty and staff , explore the breadth of our educational programs, and experience our ongoing
          commitment to academic excellence.

          As your community college of choice, the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty and staff , welcome you
          and wish you much success in your endeavors at Glendale Community College.

                                                                                     Dr. David Viar,

                                          BOARD OF TRUSTEES

                                                Ms. Yvette Vartanian Davis
                                                   Dr. Armine Hacopian
                                                    Dr. Vahé Peroomian
                                                   Ms. Ann H. Ransford
                                                  Mr. Anthony P. Tartaglia

         The Board of Trustees of the Glendale Community College District consists of fi ve members who are elected by
         the voters of the community for a four-year term. A Student Trustee is elected annually by the students and is
         the offi  cial representative of the students to the Board. The Superintendent/President of the District serves as
         Secretary to the Board. The Board meets at least once a month, and agendas are posted in accordance with the
         Brown Act.

         The Board has authority over and responsibility for policies to assure the academic quality, integrity,
         and eff ectiveness of the student learning programs and services and the fi nancial stability of the college.
         Its duties include approval of college policy, adoption of an annual budget, approval of expenditures
         of all District funds, approval of plans, acquisition of property for District purposes, and approval of
         employment of academic and classifi ed personnel.
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