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8                                                                   GCC SCHEDULE · SPRING 2019

                                           ONLINE REGISTRATION


                                      Go to the GCC home page:
                                     Click on MyGCC and login to your own MyGCC —
                  use your GCC ID# and your password, once logged in your Student Center will be displayed.
       View your holds (right-hand side). If you have a hold, click on: DETAILS and follow the instructions to clear it. Holds
                         will prevent you from enrolling. If there is no hold, continue to enrollment.
      View your To Do list (right-hand side). All “to dos” must be completed prior to the start of the session of attendance.

               To add a class:                   To get on a wait list                 To drop a class:
                                                     for a class:

       Click on  ENROLL from the Student   If  you  want  to  wait  list  a  class,  you   Click  on:  ENROLL:  DROP  CLASSES.
       Center: ADD CLASSES. Select the term   have two options.                 Select the course you want to drop,
       then click on: CONTINUE                                                  then click on: DROP SELECTED CLASSES
                                             1.  Click on the box next to WAIT LIST
          You can search the schedule or       when you select your class, so you   Confirm your selection, then click on:
          enter the course number to add       will be placed on the wait list if   FINISH DROPPING
          the class. When you are finished     the class is full.
          selecting classes, click on: NEXT
                                             2.  If you receive an error message
       Check your shopping cart and make       telling you the class is full, click on
       sure all the classes you added are in your   the box next to  WAIT LIST. Once
       shopping cart, click on  PROCEED TO     you have done this, make sure to
       STEP 2 OF 3 and confirm the courses are   click on FINISH ENROLLING.
       correct. If there is a red error message,
       follow the instructions given.      Note: You will not be on a wait list
                                           until you FINISH ENROLLING
       If the courses are correct and there are
       no errors, click on FINISH ENROLLING.  If you are on a wait list, you are not
                                           enrolled in the course. You need to
       To view your complete schedule, click   attend the  first day of the  class and
       on:  MY CLASS SCHEDULE. Check the   check on your status.
       STATUS. The status will show if you are
       enrolled, on the wait list, or dropped   PAYMENT IS DUE AT THE TIME OF
       from each course.                   REGISTRATION.  Check the amount
                                           owed by clicking on  MY ACCOUNT
       MAXIMUM  CLASS  LOAD:  You  may     then ACCOUNT INQUIRY.
       take a MAXIMUM OF 19 units during
       the Fall/Spring semester, 10 units for
       summer, and 8 units for winter.

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