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10     2018-2019 Catalog—GLENDALE COMMUNITY COLLEGE

           tion in a higher institution nor to vocational preparation,   3.  Appreciation for aesthetic expression, excellence, and
           GCC off ers a diversity of courses which satisfy intellectual   creativity as major values.
           curiosity and provide knowledge about and appreciation   4.  Foundation in knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary
           of our universe.                                        for occupational employment.
                                                                 5.  Cultivation of habits which are essential to physical and
        6.  Noncredit Continuing Education: A comprehensive pro-
           gram includes basic education, courses leading to the high   emotional growth, citizenship, and societal responsibilities.
           school diploma, citizenship, English as a second language,   6.  Development of an awareness of the infl uence of such
           career and vocational classes, and courses that satisfy the   environmental problems as population growth, land-
           many special interest needs of the community.           use, and pollution on the quality of life through fi eld
                                                                   observation and other experiences.
        PROGRAMS AND SERVICES                                 g.  Adult education: A varied adult education program includ-
                                                                 ing high school diploma subjects, English as a second
        A variety of programs and services implements and supports
        the objectives and functions stated above.               language, citizenship, parent preschool education, retire-
        a.  Counseling: Counseling services are available to help   ment seminars, and offi  ce skills, is off ered by the Noncredit
           students have a successful college experience. Counselors   Education offi  ce.
           are available to assist students with academic planning,   h.  Community services: The college also off ers a fee-based
           career decision-making, life planning and personal and   program designed to provide public service in a wide
           intra-personal concerns. Counselors provide a climate in   variety of avocational, recreational, self-improvement and
           which students make thoughtful, independent, decisions   other career development subjects. None of these courses
           for educational and vocational goals. Working through   are off ered for college credit. If you have received a traffi  c
           individual interviews with students, small and large   ticket, Traffi  c Violators School is held both weekends and
           groups, and college orientation classes, they help students   weekdays.
           to become aware of their capabilities and to plan appropri-  i.  Education for creative use of leisure time: The college
           ately. A number of specialized counseling service centers   encourages students to develop skills and an appreciation
           are available on campus. These centers include Academic   for creative use of leisure time.
           Counseling (Equity Programs, Black Scholars, LA Comu-
           nidad, Guardian Scholars), EOPS, DSPS, Career, Transfer   j.  Preparation for the future: The college urges students to
           (Scholars), Adult Re-Entry, International Student Offi  ce,   become more sensitive to world crises created by a burgeon-
           and Admissions & Records (Veterans, Dismissals).      ing population and by the increasing demands of people and
                                                                 nations upon resources. Students learn to approach these
        b.  Health Services: The Health Center provides  fi rst  aid,   crises through the scientifi c method of the natural sciences
           primary health care, crisis counseling, health counseling,   and through the combined methods of the humanities and
           and health information and referral services.
                                                                 social sciences and co-curricular programs. It is important
        c.  Basic education: Students with specifi c learning problems   for students to realize that the structure of human society
           or with grade or subject defi ciencies in their high school   is changing and that new and diff erent technologies will
           record may make up such defi ciencies and enter into a   aff ect the transition.
           program leading to an Associate degree and, if desired, to
           upper division standing at a four-year institution.  k.  Services to meet the unique needs of ethnic-minority
                                                                 students: The college is committed to cultural diversity
        d.  Refresher education: Members of the community have the   within its student body achieved by recruitment of resident
           opportunity to refresh, as well as to update their knowledge   Americans of various national origins and by the acceptance
           in classes off ered at GCC.
                                                                 of a signifi cant number of foreign-visa students. Meeting
        e.  Evening education: Persons wishing late afternoon or eve-  the needs of these students realistically is an important
           ning classes may enroll in the Evening College program.   function of the college.
           Evening College courses parallel and expand the daytime
           off erings. The college also off ers classes on Saturdays.  ACCREDITATION
        f.  General education for all members of the community:   Glendale Community College is accredited by the Accrediting
           The college off ers wide and varied curriculum designed   Commission for Community and Junior Colleges of the
           to promote the following objectives:               Western Association of Schools and Colleges, 10 Commercial
           1.  Development of communication and computational   Boulevard, Suite 204, Novato, CA 94949, (415) 506-0234, an
             skills which form a base for training in critical think-  institutional accrediting body recognized by the Council for
             ing as exemplifi ed in drawing sound conclusions from   Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department
             premises, making relevant judgments, and discriminat-  of Education. Glendale Community College was evaluated
             ing among values.                                in 2016 and is an Accredited Institution. The next scheduled
           2.  Knowledge of the cultural heritage as the accumulated   evaluation will take place in 2023. Glendale Community
             record of the development of mankind.            College accepts credit for courses completed at colleges and
                                                              universities that have been accredited by one of the regional
                                                              accrediting associations.

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