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General Information        9

                                            GENERAL INFORMATION

            MISSION STATEMENT                                     4. Critical Thinking
                                                                  analyze problems and apply knowledge; collect, synthesize,
            Glendale Community College is a public community college   and evaluate ideas, information and data to develop argu-
            granting certifi cates and associate degrees. The college serves   ments and derive conclusions;
            people from a variety of geographical areas but primarily
            serves a diverse population of the Greater Los Angeles   5.  Global Awareness and Appreciation
            region that is capable of benefi ting from instruction in credit,   recognize and analyze the interconnectedness of global,
            noncredit, and community education programs.          national, and local concerns, analyzing cultural, political,
                                                                  social and environmental issues from multiple perspec-
            Glendale Community College exists to ensure students
            identify their educational goals and needs and successfully   tives, and to appreciate similarities and diff erences among
            accomplish student learning in the following broad    cultures;
            educational areas:                                    6. Personal Responsibility
                                                                  demonstrate and apply decision making skills and develop
            •    Basic skills education to achieve basic foundation skills in   the capacity for self understanding and recognize lifestyles
               reading, writing, mathematics, English as a Second Lan-  that promote physical and mental well-being.
               guage, and learning and study skills which are necessary
               for students to succeed in college-level work.     OBJECTIVE AND FUNCTIONS
            •    Lower division post-secondary education to achieve transfer   Glendale Community College has one objective: education.
               to and success in obtaining a degree at a college or university.  Six primary functions support this objective.
                                                                  1.  Associate in Arts/Associate in Science: Education toward
            •    Career and technical education to achieve employment or   the granting of AA/AS degree(s) is provided in accor-
               enhanced career skills for job advancement.
                                                                    dance with approved graduation requirements. General
            •    General education to achieve knowledge, skills and attitudes   education and major coursework form the core of the
               or postsecondary education success, personal enrichment,   required curriculum, the balance being electives.
               self-development, and a purposeful and meaningful life as    2.  Education for meeting the lower division requirements
               a member of a global community.                      of a university or a four-year college: The college off ers
            VISION STATEMENT                                        many courses which are equivalent to those available
                                                                    in the freshman and sophomore years at the University
            Glendale Community College is the Greater Los Angeles   of California, The California State University and other
            Region’s premier learning community where all students   colleges and universities in the United States. A student
            achieve their informed educational goals through outstand-  with a satisfactory high school and community college
            ing instructional and student services, a comprehensive   record will receive full credit for all college and university
            community college curriculum, and educational oppor-    level work done at GCC provided that the work meets
            tunities found in few community colleges.
                                                                    the specifi c requirements of the college or university to
            INSTITUTIONAL LEARNING OUTCOMES                         which the student transfers.
            Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) are commonly   3.  Education beyond the high school level for vocational
            defi ned as the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes   competence and/or occupational certifi cation: Training
            that students are expected to develop as a result of their   programs are off ered for many occupations in business
            overall experiences with any aspect of the college, includ-  and industry. Certifi cates are awarded upon comple-
            ing courses, programs, and student services.            tion of the requirements for the occupation-centered
                                                                    curriculums. Courses off ered in these programs serve
            Upon successful completion at Glendale Community College,   three groups of students: those training for entry-level
            the student will be able to:
                                                                    positions; those preparing for advancement on the job;
            1. Communication                                        and those seeking to improve skills to meet new job
            communicate clearly, demonstrate critical thinking, and   requirements. Thus, students are off ered a balance of
            apply knowledge utilizing writing, speaking, presenting   technical and general education.
            and other modes of communication;
                                                                  4.  Pre-Collegiate Basic Skills: Educational programs prepare
            2.  Mathematical Competency/Quantitative Reasoning      students for collegiate level work. Courses are designed
            apply, interpret, and understand mathematical and quan-  to provide the student with basic skills instruction with
            titative concepts;                                      emphasis on speaking, listening, reading, writing and
            3. Information Competency                               computation.
            recognize an information need, or defi ne a research topic   5.  Education beyond the secondary level for personal
            using library and other resources to locate, evaluate, and use   improvement: Recognizing the needs of post-secondary
            information or data in an ethical and legal manner;     students for education which may lead neither to educa-

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